20 November, 2014

A truly International, multi-channel retailer

"As the Head of E-commerce for China, it's so exciting to think that we can reach customers all over the country, and I see huge opportunities around how online exposure will improve awareness of M&S.

"Every day we work really hard to keep quality and innovation front of mind. We want to help our customers better understand our products and make it easier to find what they need. So, when we first thought about 'store picking' we knew it was a truly innovative idea that was right for M&S. We are the first within M&S to have both retail and E-commerce stock available to the whole Chinese market. Today our customers have access to more products, and that means they get a better customer experience and we sell more stock. It has generated an extra 30% in business we otherwise wouldn't have got. 

"To see my colleagues trying to improve efficiency with store-picking, designing this special shelf for more efficient product sorting and packing - that's inspirational. I saw store staff willing to make the extra effort to fulfill store-picking orders so we could show that our multichannel works. It has been well supported by all levels locally. I am proud we have done this because it really distinguishes M&S from the other brands. That is what will bring customer loyalty. "

Inside M&S