10 November, 2017


Like many students, Peter needed a part-time job to have a bit of a life. He’d heard great things about M&S and joined us for the busy Christmas season. Now he’s a full-time member of the team, Christmas is still his favourite time in the M&S year.

“The atmosphere in the office is brilliant. We all dress down and have lots of Christmas jumper days.” Peter tells us that you can’t walk through the office at this time of year without hearing someone humming a festive tune – and when our Christmas advert comes out, the excitement reaches fever pitch. “My fondest memory of working at M&S over the seasonal period is Mrs Claus. I was helping out with the social media team and so we got to see the ad early. I just knew the lady in red was going to be such a big hit!”

Christmas was also the time of year when Peter made every moment special for one of our youngest customers. “A mum had bought her son a paw patrol advent calendar but the chocolates had melted. He was absolutely devastated and his mum asked for my help. I went out of my way to track down a new calendar and I also bought him a paw patrol puzzle book. I put in some of my favourite Percy Pigs, too. I wrote a letter and signed it off from Santa’s helpers. He was so happy and his mum sent me a picture of him holding all his things! It’s what Christmas is all about.”

Peter loved spending Christmas at M&S so much, he made getting a permanent job with us his number one goal. Since then, he’s been amazed at the range of opportunities and what people can achieve here. “I’ve been here, there and everywhere at M&S and loved it. From working on social media to being part of the Webchat team, it’s all been a great experience,” he says.

Peter now works in Retail Customer Services, talking to people on webchat to get their feedback and it’s always his aim to leave the chat happy. He acknowledges that there are some complaints but stresses that he also hears some heart-warming stories.

So if Peter looks after our customers, how have we looked after him? “I’ve learned so much at M&S. My creativity has improved and I feel I’ve become an all-round better person. You’re challenged to constantly improve yourself – not just to do your job but your attitude and actions outside the workplace too,” he says. “The culture of M&S is all about being positive and living the values. The company really cares about individuals; for example they are very open about mental health and wellbeing.”

Peter believes that fun, creative and positive people who can empathise and see things from the perspective of others thrive at M&S – and he works with people who fit the bill. “Customers don’t get to see how close we all work together. We’re not just colleagues, we’re friends too who spend time together outside work. My sister now works for M&S too, and she loves it!”

And he’s equally a fan of our products. “You can’t help falling in love with the amazing food M&S offers. And not just food either: just wait until you taste some of the wonderful gins we sell!”

Seems his 20% staff discount comes in handy.

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