27 July, 2017


Warren previously worked for a sales and marketing agency that provided cinema rewards for use in employee benefits packages and sales promotions. Joining M&S was an opportunity too good to turn down. “The pride of working for a household name, one of the UK’s biggest gift card retailers and a brand that was evolving in such an exciting way – it was a no-brainer, really.”

Warren works in M&S Corporate Gifts. The team help brands and organisations of all sizes reward their employees’ hard work or incentivise their customers to make a new purchase or sign-up for a service by offering them M&S gift cards, e-gift cards or hampers.

So, what does Warren enjoy most about his job? “My role as client relationship manager is so varied. In any one day, I could be pitching our products to a prospective partner, working on a marketing strategy for an existing client to drive sales or putting together a business case to enhance our product offering.

“Essentially I help everything run smoothly and seamlessly to keep our clients satisfied and grow sales. We have a 16-strong team of agents who manage orders, and I work with them to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible service. I also liaise with our digital marketing agency on our marketing strategy and our lead generation agency to identify new prospects. No two days are the same in the role – but as they say, variety is the spice of life!”

Businesses love to partner with the M&S brand and people love to receive our gift cards. The cards can be spent online or in store on any M&S products – food and drink, clothing and home, beauty and gifts. “We’re all so busy these days, rushing around at work, sorting our lives out. A gift makes us feel valued and we all love to treat ourselves, whether that’s a delicious lunch or dinner, a dress for a summer holiday or just a new pair of socks! It really chimes with our Spend It Well message.”

Warren believes that the best business is done when you treat a prospect as a human being and not just a sales target. “You need to build strong relationships in an open and honest way. You need to be passionate about great customer service and making every experience special. And you should be a problem solver who can challenge existing ways of working.”

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