22 November, 2017

Take a walk in my shoes. Carl, Head of Region – Essex

Let me tell you about a day in my life as Head of Region at M&S for the area of Essex. I could be considered something of a subject matter expert since I happen to be Carl. Why am I doing this, you might ask? Because M&S is booming and it’s an exciting place to work and I hope reading about my day might inspire others.

I spent seven years with a leading supermarket brand before discovering that M&S is where I felt at home. Our innovation and focus on nurturing and rewarding our people is what makes us special. I make it my business to connect to my team and provide coaching support and feedback at any opportunity that presents itself. To me and I believe the wider business, we take great pride in ensuring colleagues aren’t seen as anonymous individuals on a corporate payroll.

But I digress! Here’s what a day in my life looks like...

I like to start my day in the gym! I firmly believe that I am the best I can be at work when I’m in top form myself. Sport is a big part of my life, I’ve even been known to play rugby with two world cup winners! I like to start my days with a healthy mind and healthy body!

7:00 AM
I drive to work while I listen to one of several podcasts I enjoy. People count on me to be a leader and make informed decisions, so I take every chance I get to learn new things.

I start off by analysing the regional data. For example, the commercial data provides me with information that I then base our planning decisions on, the customer data tells me what our customers are saying about my stores and the colleague data tells me how we are leading our teams. This is the information I’ll then take away and use when planning future decisions.

Time to visit one of the many stores I look after and review the products, operations and performance with the team there.  My teams tell me what the customer is saying, buying, enjoying or getting frustrated with and this, again, gives me great insight into how we can shape the future offering for both the region and the business. This is definitely the best part of my job, spending time with my teams!

12:00 PM
Once a month, I meet with my peers to review our talent. We make this as one of our key priorities because talent progression is essentially the future of our company and remains very close to my heart!

I meet with my immediate team, to review the performance of their respective business units.  We talk through business priorities, focus areas and forward planning. They offer a key support function to me across the region, both forward-looking and also from a performance analysis point of view. 

Another meeting, this time with a new store team who are about to open the only new store on our region this year in a few weeks.  Here I introduce myself and give them some background on the company, the region and myself, hopefully inspiring them along the way too!  

17:00 PM 
I spend my drive home returning calls and making calls to my team or various other stakeholders. This allows me to review the day or week in my own thoughts.

I’m fortunate that my role really makes every day unique. At M&S, we are constantly growing as a business and we have many exciting opportunities available for passionate and hard-working people. Why not check out some of the roles available at the moment? 

Who knows what a day in your life will be like?

Inside M&S