Commercial/Store Manager

Managing an M&S store will be the ultimate test of your retail talents. It’s an opportunity to think big, drive sales and deliver the exceptional customer service for which we are renowned. In short, you’ll set the standard for the whole retail industry.

About the role

Being a Commercial/Store Manager at M&S brings unique rewards and challenges. It’s a high-profile, demanding role – not least because where we lead, others follow. Innovative products, a passion for quality and a total commitment to great customer service are all hallmarks of our business. You’ll ensure these are deeply ingrained in your staff and store

You’ll be taking charge of a very big business. This means there’ll be a £multi-million operation to oversee, major budgets and P&L to manage and a detailed business strategy to roll out.

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Working in Retail Management

It takes a heady mix of leadership capabilities to run a successful store, whether it’s a Simply Food, one of our flagship stores, retail head office, our outlet or franchise stores. From people to products to performance, sales to service to standards, we’ve plenty of ways to put your retail management expertise to the test. 

Where you'll work

You'll be working in one of our stores nationwide

Simon Wood - M&

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The best way to describe this is the day-to-day running of Marks and Spencer's digital channels. That includes M& (we're also about to roll-out some international websites starting with France), mobile technologies and in-store kiosks. Effectively, it's the day-to-day running of all these different digital elements.

My team and I are not techie people. We bring people in as and when we need to, we have an understanding of how a website is coded, but we're not web developers.


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