For Customer Assistant roles, your initial application will be made for one store. However, if this store has no interview slots available but an alternative store in the same region has, we'll offer you a replacement interview slot there. You are able to apply for a general salesfloor /ops roles in addition to any specialist roles that you are eligible for such as  Bakery, Beauty, Cafe, Deli, Kitchen and Visual Merchandising as the specialist roles have different application criteria.

For Section Manager roles are advertised under a geographical cluster of stores. The confirmation email only shows the name of the store that the vacancy was created in. At the Assessment Centre, an assessor will have a discussion with you regarding mobility. We require Section Managers to be mobile to stores within an hour and fifteen minutes from home and if successful you will be offered a role at a store within this. Often you will start at a training store for up to 3 months before moving to your permanent role in a nearby store.