16 January, 2018

Great products and great teams to motivate

Some people come to section management early on. Others take a bit of time, like Stacy.

Her career spans midwifery, cosmetology and cinema management. And since she’s been with M&S, she’s focused on everything from food to finance to managing a café. “I knew M&S was a fantastic company,” she tells us. “But extra money for a holiday was initially what brought me in.”

Several career moves later, it’s not the extra money that keeps Stacy here. “I’ve grown and developed during my time at M&S, and the career path is clear. As Ladieswear Section Manager, I’m responsible for productivity and early morning fill, and also contribute to things like recruitment and induction.”

With six children, five of whom were adopted, Stacy’s no stranger to a hectic life. So what keeps her busy during a typical day? “I start by looking at the figures and my phone. Next I brief the team to get them buzzing – it’s going to be hot this weekend so what ideas do they have?”

“Once I’ve ensured that stock’s being driven to the floor, I check we’re ready for opening and to make moments special for our customers. Then I walk the area and that might give me concerns about footwear and tops, for example. I’ll make calls to get stock in, and when I know that’s coming, we need to look at staffing for the day it arrives.”

“In the afternoon, I’ll check with the team about what we’re doing for the hot weather. We decide to promote sun cream, sunglasses and sunhats. So I get the events team on board too.”

There’s more to it, of course. We asked Stacy about what it’s like to manage her team. “Morale is number one, because they need to be motivated. It’s also about setting clear direction and giving them the right tools. They always make me proud, and make customers feel special.”

Work sometimes takes a backseat, even for Stacy. “It’s like a family business. My colleagues are supportive and my work / life balance is fantastic.”

So how does she relax? “I have a cheeky three-year-old who keeps me occupied! But when I have time to myself, it’s Judge Judy, a nice glass of rosé and a packet of banana chips.”

We’re always looking for talented people like Stacy to join us as section managers. If it sounds like something you’d love, apply here.

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