Customer Research - Internship

Key Information

Customer Research - Internship


Head Office (London)


8 Weeks


£ Competitive, pro rata

About the programme

In the Customer Team, we’re passionate about getting to know our customers, from how they shop to which products they buy. And when we’ve got this information, we make sure that the business derives maximum value from it.

This internship will give you a fascinating insight into how we use consumer research to drive our business decisions.

Over the eight weeks, you’ll team up with another researcher to deliver one or two research projects. This will involve sitting down with a business stakeholder to find out exactly what’s wanted on the project, commissioning the research and then presenting the results.

The projects you could be working on are varied and interesting. You might be looking at how we’ve delivered Summer 2017 in our Foods Halls, and comparing our performance to that of our competitors. You could be evaluating our current clothing advertising campaign. Or you might be using a new methodology like neuroscience or cultural intelligence to enable us to better understand our customers.

In addition to developing your knowledge of customer research, you’ll gain exposure to other functions within the team, such as Analytics, Data Science, Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty. This will enable you to see how everything fits together.

To be eligible, you’ll need to be a second-year research or psychology student with a keen interest in understanding consumer behaviour, plus knowledge of research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative. A strong work ethic, an eye for detail, friendly personality and the ability to work with people of different ages and experience are also expected.

This internship will be based in London.

​Applications for this programme are now closed.